Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Started with Google Analytics Webinar

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

Mastering Google SEO 2012

Is freshness an important signal for all sites?

Why doesn't Google release an SEO quality check up calculator?

Do AdWords customers get special treatment in organic search results?

Should I structure my site using subdomains or subdirectories?

Can I fetch an https URL as Googlebot in Webmaster Tools?

Should I keep a domain parked without content before I launch the website?

How does Google consider site-wide backlinks?

How will Google interpret links to URLs ending with a campaign tag?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Automotive SEO

How One Dealership Dominates Local Search Results. By Above The Fold

Protecting Your Site and Brand From Negative SEO

Following the recent Google Penguin update that has been rolled out across their search engine just a couple of weeks ago, there has been a huge amount of concern within the SEO industry as evidence of ‘negative SEO’ seems to have come to light with people looking to investigate their search engine manipulation theories on sites that carry no risk to themselves, meaning that YOUR site could be at risk. By David Naylor

3 Effective Local Link Building Strategies

The link building industry is almost entirely based around national or international, unfocused strategies. By Daily SEO Tip

Every Link on the Page is There for the User

If you in your personal Web surfing do not click on more than 2-3 links per page when you visit someone else’s Website then why should you believe YOUR users need hundreds of links? They won’t click on them. By SEO Theory

Shaping User Focus Through Search

It’s funny how people go out of their way to create content for visitors when really all they want is for people to sign up with their services, buy their products, click on the damn ads, fill out some dumb form — I mean, it’s really all about CONVERSIONS, is it not? So why is it that we don’t just tell people where to go to do what we want them to do? By SEO Theory

Can I Make Money Only From Long Tail Traffic?

The short answer to this question is, yes, you can make money from long tail traffic. I think a more important question, however, is “how much money can I make from long tail traffic?” Or, an even better question might be, “Do I have what it takes to make money from long tail traffic?” By SEO Theory

What Kind of Links Have More Authority in Penguin?

So any random blog that wasn’t affected by Penguin is still free to editorially link out to whatever sites it pleases. By SEO Theory

Good Link, Bad Link: How to Stop Breaking Your Website

Here is a quick rundown of intrasite linking practices you should review with your developers or clients when analyzing your Websites. By SEO Theory

Do You Need Meta Descriptions Now?

Mechanical meta tag production is about as useful for SEO as hanging from a tree one-handed and yodeling on Sundays to bring back Elvis. That is, churning out keyword-rich meta tags that are intended for SEO is a waste of time. By SEO Theory

SEO Term of the week: Spider Trap

spider trap an endless loop of automatically generated links which can “trap” a spider program. Sometimes intentionally used to prevent automated scraping or e-mail address harvesting.

SEO Implications of New Matching Approach for Google Ads?

There are some changes coming to paid search at Google that sound exciting on the surface, but may leave many guessing how exactly those changes might manifest themselves. By SEO by the Sea

Social Circles, Content Sharing, and Social Visibility Pending Patents for Google Plus

A screenshot from one of the social circles patents showing a screen where you can add people to circles, and the circle types include private circles, publicly-shared circles, and shared circles.

Google published 8 patent applications at the USPTO today that describe key elements of Google Plus and a number of alternatives that may or may not become part of Google’s social network. By SEO by the Sea

How Google Might Disassociate Webspam from Content

A couple of images of screens from a content management system that allows someone to make judgments on comments associated with a video and on whether search results for a particular query appear to be manipulated.

Manipulative repetitive anchor text, blog comments filled with spam, Google bombs, and obscene content could be the targets of a system described in a patent granted to Google. By SEO by the Sea

Microsoft Weighs in on Ranking Authors in Social Networks

Social media contains a lot of signal, and a lot of what might be considered noise. Within social streams of real time communication such as tweets and status updates and blog posts is information that can be invaluable on many different topics. By SEO by the Sea

Creative Link Building for Ecommerce Sites

Threadless Spoiler Shirt

Some of the greatest challenges ecommerce sites have faced have revolved around developing a cohesive and long-term content/link building strategy. They’ve done all the changes they can on the technical backend of the site, incorporated keywords on the site, created a crawlable internal linking structure, and have paid for PR releases, submitted directory submissions, and written the occasional blog post. Now they ask, what’s next? By SEOMOZ

The Noob Guide to Link Building

Share of Voice Equation

The Noob Guide to link building. By SEOMOZ

Project Management for SEO (2012 Edition!)

Although there are many ways of affecting change, project management is a crucial part of it. Here are a bunch of tools, tips, and tricks to review. By SEOMOZ

Response Codes Explained with Pictures

When a search engine or website visitor makes a request to a web server, a three digit HTTP Response Status Code is returned. This code indicates what is about to happen. A response code of 200 means "OK, here is the content you were asking for." By SEOMOZ

17 Types of Link Spam to Avoid

As a result of well intentioned but short-sighted link building, many sites have seen significant drops in rankings and traffic. Whether you employ link building tactics that are black, white, or any shade of grey, you can do yourself a favor by avoiding the appearance of link spam. By SEOMOZ

In-depth Guide To Content Creation [With Infographic]

It’s not difficult to understand the importance of high quality, unique and relevant content in the modern SEO industry; content of this type published on your own site can do wonders when it comes to link magnetism and social media metrics and similarly, can help you obtain extremely powerful links from high authority domains that might otherwise be out of your reach. By SEOMOZ